The new song offbeat stubborn Yang Mina was Tucao 海思k3v2

"The new song" offbeat "stubborn" Yang Mina was Tucao Yang Meina XLZY the Sina entertainment news for three months of Zhejiang satellite TV [micro-blog] "China new song" 20:00 tonight at the bird’s nest in the finals, four teams of six students will launch the final impact to the championship. In the final tonight, as Harlem Yu [micro-blog] the only representative of the team, Yang Meina was placed high hopes, however, an alternative version of the adaptation of the stubborn, after the defeat of the enemy, was eliminated by the. Yang Meina is a controversial player of the year award "new song" on the stage, because the blind when singing Rihanna’s "Diamond" and was praised as "Na Ying [micro-blog] Chinese Rihanna", Yang Meina also met with some network criticism, many Rihanna fans of her dissatisfaction, think "was an insult to their idol". And after a few games alternative adaptation of the soybean and other songs, but also caused no small controversy. In last week’s broadcast of the bird’s nest sprint night game, Yang Meina is the last one of the results of thrilling promotion. Tonight in the finals, Yang Meina brought the May day [micro-blog] adapted version of the classic repertoire "stubborn", a song of tough inspirational works was lazy in its offbeat adaptation, though, is an innovative style, but many users still do not buy it, feel that this adaptation of some inexplicable. The first few words slightly erratic singing is out of tune too, forcing users confused is ignorant: she is singing this song, anyhow don’t appreciate." (when commissioning editor:)相关的主题文章: