Shanxi scenic area traffic reduced long-term visitors return Caution! 乃々果花

Shanxi scenic area traffic reduced long-term visitors return Caution! 36 key scenic spot ticket revenue 26 million 335 thousand and 400 yuan in October 6th, the National Day holiday sixth days, most of the province’s rainy weather. The National Day holiday comes to an end, zhongchangxian visitors enter the scenic return flow tends to decline. Tourists more choice around sightseeing, leisure, culture, rural parent-child play experience, sports fitness is a popular tourist spot in the holiday period after. The province’s 36 key scenic spots received a total of more than 733 thousand tourists, tourism ticket revenue of $26 million 335 thousand and 400. During the national day, the "friendly Shandong" and "Jinshan Jinmei" combination, "eight springs gorge tourist train into Taihang Mountain, the Grand Canyon, 10 more than 400 attractions in the landscape on the cliffs, waterfalls, dense clouds at Wisteria swaying, aerial ropeway, sightseeing elevator, luxury cruise and so attractive, from Shandong tourists enjoy the view and romantic charm of the grand canyon. The Provincial Tourism Bureau to remind the tourists especially ZiJiaYou tourists, long into the end return a substantial increase in the number of road congestion, enhance the possibility, should always pay attention to travel safety. As of 16 o’clock on the day, the provincial tourism bureau did not receive a major tourist safety accident report; received a travel advisory telephone number of 33, received complaints from tourism since the beginning of the end of the 1 has been dealt with, the implementation of the 1 are in the. (reporter Meng Ting) source: Shanxi daily相关的主题文章: