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The last witness master Carreras world style farewell tour start [Abstract] by Beijing poly theatre Management Co. Ltd. is the exclusive host of "Jose’s musical life – · Carreras" China world farewell tour in November 8, 2016 12, the performance will stand on three days and 20 days respectively in Wuhan, Shenzhen, Beijing organized three. Carreras "Granada" sponsored by the Tencent entertainment news exclusive Beijing poly theatre Management Co. Ltd. "Jose – · Carreras world music life;" farewell tour Chinese station show will be on November 8, 2016, 12 days, 20 days and three days respectively in Wuhan, Shenzhen, Beijing organized three. In order to ensure that the majority of fans had a good one of the Three Tenors Carreras this historical performance, China tour on August 29th at the same time billing; acknowledge the support and love of Carreras fans for a long time, the Beijing Railway Station launched on August 29th -31 purchased during the early bird tickets can enjoy 5% off preferential activities, let us witness the most legendary the world’s top tenor peerless singing. The Three Tenors can be described as a huge influence, many viewers are almost Chinese for having heard it many times. As with Pavarotti, Domingo as a tenor, the Spaniard Jose · Carreras left a classic image in the opera stage. However, in the summer of 1987, he was diagnosed with leukemia, and fight disease two years later, he has to get rid of the vitality of the claws of death to return to the stage, become a miracle. Carreras’s special lyricism in singing is its biggest characteristic, leaving the "Tosca" "Carmen" "fate" of "Aida" "La Traviata" "masquerade" is a classic in the history of opera recordings. Jose · Carreras was born in Barcelona in 1946, at the age of 8 stage, fifty years almost sing all kinds of music and drama, and Karajan Maestro long-term cooperation. Thanks to the high range born, his voice stretch smooth, uniform, bright Qing Jun, breath voice clear, do not have any time for wanton indulgence sound, a bit less overwhelming momentum, but more of a quiet tenderness, with delicate and sweet voice talk singing emotion, was hailed as the vocal music "velvet voice". Since 2015, with the return of Carreras’s new judge, he will launch a world tour in China, Europe and the United States in the year of 2016. Turning to the fate of China, Carreras said, China’s traditional culture let me dump, Chinese songs have a very beautiful melody, intoxicating." Since 1998, Carreras came to China for the first time to perform, so far China has become a regular visit to the performance of the state of Carreras. The Carreras World Tour solo and duet songs have been carefully selected, full of passion and love songs. FM, a British authoritative magazine, commented: "the theme of the concert is romantic, the singer’s lyrical and wonderful singing, reminiscent of the great Caruso. In addition, Carreras Chinese station ready to perform a special encore, hope to bring you a surprise. 2016 Carreras world report!相关的主题文章: