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Called the goddess exclaimed oh mama! High cold Faye Wong ultra lively Sina entertainment news of’s attention to the outside world, the 2016 concert finally unveiled the veil of Jiang Mengyaowen! At the concert tonight, the organizers announced that the concert called "Faye Wong 2016live" will be held on December 30th at the Mercedes Benz Museum in Shanghai. But long mountain Faye Wong today is also a good mood, not only revealed the concert will sing more than and 20 songs, mostly did not sing at the concert before, but it probably will sing the song of Dou Jingtong daughter. And days later said that this will not be a farewell performance. When it comes to half, can not help Tucao yourself "oh my God, I said a lot of words", "black" of the older a lot of fat. Even the host and reporters can not help but say: today after a good mood, so cute! The world is only a single concert days myself this concert is Faye Wong since 2010 after the tour, separated for many years to sing again. Faye Wong’s agent Chen Jiaying said, this concert is an opportunity to chat with her Faye Wong last year, suddenly want to do a concert, live through the platform, let the fans around the world can see. "Because six years ago we had a tour of 46, but she was very concerned about those who can not see the performance of the audience can not see how to do?" She also said, Faye Wong has so many years of change in mind, the concert will combine her music and ideas, sharing with friends around." It is reported that the concert director Zhang Yadong served as music. Then dressed in a blue dress Faye Wong debut, personally exposed some of the details of the concert, for example, explains the name of reason of this concert, "you can understand is the magic of music (LE) can also be understood as magic music (Yue)." As for why the choice of Zhang Yadong served as director of music, Faye Wong explained that because this time to highlight the illusion of a stage, the people of the United States is a dream, so we continue to choose cooperation in the." The concert is only one world, so that the outside world is worried about whether it will be a farewell performance. However, fans can rest assured that, Faye Wong denied the news, this is not goodbye. Want to try the webcast, want fans around the world can see, there is no concept of farewell. Farewell is a special form to me, I will not take this form." It is reported that the concert will be the first song by Faye Wong himself to choose, and she also said: "this concert is long, with the concert almost about more than and 20 song. I can sing some before the concert did not sing the song, sing some songs they want to sing, will take care of the concert audience to listen to the song, half." As for the outside world is looking forward to the day after the cooperation and daughter Dou Jingtong, was denied by the mouth of Faye Wong. Faye Wong said that although she is very appreciate the creation of Maria Tung, but this will certainly not cooperate with Maria Tung, because my concert has been no guests". However, she also said its concert, do not rule out other ways of "cooperation", "maybe I’ll sing her song, may…… This is not sure yet.相关的主题文章: