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Photos: boyfriend stole love girlfriend car just because two people broke up in late May, the bizarre car theft case in Qianjiang City Garden office. The reason why it is strange because: first, the driver did not guard against; two, the suspect did not expect to have the opportunity to steal the car; the three, the driver and the suspect is the relationship between men and women friends. The woman off the money her boyfriend took the opportunity to steal the car in May 20th 8 in the evening, Xiao Mei and her boyfriend Hao Town Liu drove to Qianjiang city. When they arrived in Cao Yu Park, a bank in the door stopped, Xiao Mei get off to get money. Can wait to take money out, where there is the shadow of the car, she hastened to call liu. Did not expect that the pass is, the other side is not connected. Feeling something bad, she quickly reported to the local police station. Because this car is to find a friend Li Xiaomei (a pseudonym) borrowed. Originally, old Lee He Xiaomei is Hao Town, usually a good relationship. You want to borrow the car, is a natural. However, the car was stolen, small things become a major event. After the police involved in the investigation, on the one hand to track the loss of the car, on the one hand, Liu wanted online. Later, Liu was arrested by local police in Guangdong. Car theft motivation was because of love and hate not long ago, the police according to Liu’s account in Chongqing, Wanzhou, a second-hand car dealers to recover the lost car. However, he thought he was not a crime, but a joke with xiaomei. The investigation, Liu Chongqing, and Xiao Mei met through dating sites. Through chat, he gradually liked each other, and desperate came to Qianjiang. After coming to Qianjiang, Liu’s generous, handsome, very quickly so that the two sides are planning to get married. I did not expect that, recently, Xiaomei psychology has changed, I feel that two people are not suitable, want to break up. Originally, Haojuhaosan is It’s only human. However, this Liu can not get through ah, the results of doing things confused. (reporter Sun Bin correspondent Yuan Chengzhi Zhou Beibei)相关的主题文章: