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Huzhou’s oldest old 106 year old her secret to longevity in the end is what the 106 year old Yang Genjie is Huzhou Changxing County Huaxi street, as Changxing County Huzhou city and the longevity of the elderly, she often with the group photo. "I want to put my hair in the hat. It’s better. You can make me look pretty." The old man saw hale and hearty, home to the guests, immediately greeted. "Before the old man is in good health, two years before the back yard flowers catch insect, they act as a go-between naxie. This year, some of the eyes are not good, listening is also down, just like to sit and watch Beijing opera." Old grandson wife Luo Canxue 48 years old this year, has quit the job to serve the care of grandma at home. "Except for the occasional cold, there is nothing wrong with grandma." Talking about the secret of longevity of the elderly, Luo Canxue said she does not diet, good attitude. "Ordinary home what do what she eat, appetite good, far more than we have to eat the morning, not love to eat porridge, fried or Steamed Pork Dumplings at noon, love to eat meat, chicken, Taiwanese Meatballs what’s love, she also love to eat hard food, if burned thin it will temper." Luo Canxue said. At the dinner, the elderly love to eat vegetable dish, "you give her favorite dishes, she will not eat." In addition to diet, Yang Genjie also love each meal and drink one or two liquor. "We don’t have much to drink. But it’s no use against it. She’ll get angry." Luo Canxue said, however, she has to let the old man is not angry magic weapon, buy delicious pecan to her, she was happy, holding a tiger pincer knock to eat." Yang Genjie get up every morning the first thing is to exercise, pat, legs, clap your hands, and the city park for older people who exercise in the morning. "She had just started the two times, we worried, afraid of her things, but soon got better, which makes our family is very happy." Bai Hongliang, the grandson of the old man. "Once she fell wrestle, I hurried to help her, she don’t want me to hold himself up, and then laughed, said I had no pain, we are amused by her, her mind." Luo Canxue sighed with emotion. Not only that, but Yang Genjie has a young heart. Once, Yang Genjie needle not wearing presbyopic glasses. The daughter-in-law said: "Mom, you are so big, but also needle?" Yang Genjie said to his older daughter, said: "people 120 years old can needle, I was young it!" In a word, the people around are amused. Old mentality, family harmony, Kosun Kojun, become a favourite tale in the local.相关的主题文章: