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Eason Chan Faye Wong and her daughter Nicholas Tse send gifts reason comedy [Abstract] "Xie chef will not wear! I’m afraid he cook my dirty clothes to design every day, spray grease greasy!" Eason Chan Nicholas Tse Tencent entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, the sports brand Eason Chan personally invited Eason to design a series of clothes, have disorder of choice when he, the designer on anything more strict, he said: "the details of the requirements high, pick a zipper up for a long time, but after this I just know originally do a consumer, as a producer is completely different." He would design clothes to circle the couple of friends, but he sent Faye Wong and Dou Jingtong, but not for Nicholas Tse, smiled and said: "Xie chef will not wear!" The first time when the designer, brand column list to some Eason to the circle of friends, he said all the list spent 2 days finishing off, they had to send all the random, I think should be more sincere, so personally to pick each friend, "such as Hsu Chi, I chose one the clothes for her, but also the way to pick Stephen Fung, certainly not couples dress I would not be so old-fashioned, ha ha. Angelababy yes, I will be together to pick Huang Xiaoming, of course, there is no reason to have a husband, his wife did not, ah, or wife, husband did not. I only choose to Dou Jingtong, Faye Wong, but not to Nicholas Tse. Ha ha." As to why Faye Wong had, did not Nicholas Tse? Eason laughed and said: "thank you not to wear the chef! I’m afraid he cook my dirty clothes to design every day, spray grease greasy! Ha-ha。 I 2017 spring and summer series to see if there is an opportunity to help him order chef series, to determine the chest can have a pocket spoon, chef hat has three lines in the middle of the logo, ha ha ha." As for his wife and daughter, Eason said, there will be reserved for it, I just know yesterday, the wife of the store are synchronized agent purchase my design trafficking. I didn’t call her purchase ah, she love to pick their own stock, I would never say, but know that after all very happy, that even she could appreciate my design, thanks to her appreciation." (Tencent entertainment)相关的主题文章: