Guangxi rain weather gradually closing temperature began to rise matlab 等高线�

Guangxi rain weather gradually closing temperature began to rise China news according to the weather station network in Guangxi today (1 days) precipitation occurred mainly in the northern Guangxi area, at present, the rain has weakened tends to recede, and in some places there are only resistant to rain. In addition, after the cold air southward, the highest temperature in most areas rebounded slightly, 14 when the region most of the temperature between 17~25 degrees C. It is worth noting that, sooner or later, the temperature is low, the elderly, children and people with weak constitution is to advance the prevention of colds and other diseases; because of the cold high pressure control, the partial rain less dry, forest fire danger rating is higher, to strengthen the prevention of outdoor fire to remind him; finally, sea surface wind stress, work ships need to be cautious to the sea. In November 1st 20 ~2 20 weather forecast map of Guangxi meteorological observatory 1 days 17 when released forecast: wind report and marine weather forecast in the northern Gulf waters: tonight to tomorrow, cloudy, north wind 6~7 grade; 3, cloudy to sunny, north wind 5~6 grade. Hepu to the coast of Dongxing typhoon warning stations around, hanging by the strong wind signal no.. The weather forecast is coming tomorrow. Forest fire: Guangxi, Guangxi 3, secondary fire; Northwest Guangxi 1, low fire; the rest 2, low fire. Nanning: tonight to tomorrow, cloudy, northeast wind 1~2 level, the minimum temperature of 17 degrees, the maximum temperature of 23 degrees C. 3, the region cloudy to sunny.相关的主题文章: