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Is a "master" X29 with sharp Xuanmen makeup posters ignited the Teen Dream Tencent entertainment news recently, the main youth blood, asked the original IP incubator project "Xuanmen master" at the Beijing Television Festival on the occasion of the first exposure makeup posters, gorgeous color strong attracted netizens eyes. The former to modern style appearance and elegant "Xuanmen master" and "X29" day, overwhelmed by the costume style appearance, texture is bursting. Although only 9 people in the "budding", but the beautiful young face, with the cold weapon, rushes to young Huanjiahuige played a song, the new arena. Born to "cold type brothers" commendable skills out of cohesion in this group of posters, "Han’s three brothers (Guo Jinshi), taking" the cold winter palace (Zhang Zeshi), Han Yu (Li Xinzhe) who is the dark occult world, faint purple background and jagged stone slightly was threatened by growing crises. Sense,. As a "magic robbery into big array" rush, three brothers, although somewhat unruly, but the gold of one heart and one mind, brothers together back, will show the spirit of teamwork and brother affection to the audience. "Yi disciple" vibrant deep martial arts triggered expectations as the three major disciple of Tsing Yi swordsmen, juxiong (Liu Ze ornaments), extraordinary Tour (Li Jishi), dragon shadow (Wu Yutong ornaments) three people shape also have a remarkable place. In a piece of magnificent houses, "Yan value online" dragon shadow, a more playful cute partial masson. The purpose of travel and extraordinary Jianmei star juxiong their "full hand skills", cold weapon is the lingering strength of the martial arts daylight, they anticipated in the show. Vibrant visual impact with determination and ability into the array before the six poster colors have obvious visual conflict, is the wealthy son Chiaki smile (Li Daikun). His firm, human sense of justice he in a piece of flint in more sunlight burst of vitality, reflecting the 95 after the blood belongs to spirit. With the same dazzling, the mysterious woman is resourceful beauty empty cloud (Yang Xuanyi ornaments), a fiery red Knight reveals its ambition, strong appeal. In contrast to Wang Wei (Zhu Hanshi) seems a bit dull, but full of fighting spirit eyes show the determination to win, it had to on his journey full of expectation performance asked. The day before, created by the Huace film to the original group of Jinxi IP incubator series "Xuanmen master" is Hengdian hot shot, the "X29" of the "practice" is everything in good order and well arranged to carry out. More rush on the road situation is slowly surfaced, "the action of Xuanmen master" will also be more attract attention.相关的主题文章: