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It’s a sign of making money! "Health" is the theme of the time layout! – fund channel       the WeChat public number: rookie financial fund issued in September, the speed suddenly drops down, perhaps outsourcing products less, below is the list of the new fund last week.   you can see that last week, the main hybrid funds, bond type is also a lot of. Following the old rules, food guide singled out five funds for everyone to see. 1, Qianhai open source Shanghai and Shenzhen port core resources mixed A open source of Qianhai Shenzhen Hong Kong fund more and more, food guide this heart is also increasingly puzzled. Just take this fund, the fund manager Wu Guoqing, from the data point of view there is no overseas (Hong Kong stock) public fund experience. Look at the fund’s performance benchmark, CSI 300 index yield × 70%+ CSI bond index yield × 30%. Nothing to do with the Hongkong market! Investment fund managers without the background of Hongkong and Hongkong has nothing to do with the performance of the benchmark, such a double no product in Qianhai Shenzhen Hong Kong Shenzhen Shenzhen open series can be a lot of. Look cry up wine and sell vinegar, hot rub. 2, a new impetus to the new economic momentum of the silver exchange is the introduction of an active Schroder silver fund company products, stock assets accounted for 30%~95%. The investment scope is very broad, whether it is a new product or garage renovation, it would disrupt. Such as financial reform, electricity reform, supply side reform, consumer upgrades, high-end manufacturing upgrades, etc.. The biggest bright spot should be its aspiring fund manager Ren Xiangdong. As the bank fund sent a dark horse, Xiangdong served as a fund manager is not a long time, the performance is very good. His silver advanced manufacturing hybrid (519704) served for 1 years and another day, the return of the work of 68.23% in the post office in the United states. Yield and anti risk ability is more prominent in his place. He said the bank at "looking for a mid expected poor unpopular stocks, do not get together popular stocks and industries, in order to avoid short-term chase sell, and strive to keep less retracement." The dark horse manager will not maintain the results, grow into a white horse? Rub one’s eyes and wait。 3, the people’s livelihood and pension services mixed last month, health China 2030 program considered through. The pension industry as an important branch of health industry, with the accelerated aging of the population, the natural wind. This is just the Minsheng Bank’s first theme pension fund, the first fund will pay more attention to? Come to the point of staffing: aspiring fund manager Huang Yiming, looks good in all aspects of performance. But there is a problem, Huang Yiming’s already has the livelihood of the blue chip, people’s livelihood and silver mixed urbanization, people’s livelihood and silver plus three funds, and these are the only one of his management. Now drag a pension service mix, really get over it? 4, the Shanghai stock certificate Shenwan emerging health industry index (LOF) is only around the "health Chinese" issue of the fund. However, this is only the LOF index fund. Me i.相关的主题文章: