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A Chinese prickly ash is equal to 8 kinds of medicine, master of medicine also like to use it for health! The director of Sohu health physician Zhang Wei, director of Shandong Provincial Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital expert lung anorectal Department of Dermatology Xiyuan Hospital director Chinese Dongzhimen Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Chinese Academy of Sciences Yao Chunhai Zhao Baoming it is one of the most common spices in the kitchen, but also Chinese medicine master love health treasure. Small one, a lot of use, can reach 8 drugs. 1 mouse hand: bubble pepper water won the "mouse hand", not only will appear wrist swelling, inflexible movements, severe pain will defer to the arm, shoulder and neck. May wish to try pepper blisters hand. Methods: take a suitable amount of pepper, water decoction, cool to the hand can withstand the temperature of soaking scrub. Pepper can be warm in the cold, which contain volatile oil have a role in the local anesthesia and analgesia, so have some relief for the "mouse hand" caused by the pain. 2 anti influenza: drink wine pepper folklore of a drink wine pepper anti influenza prescription, clinical efficacy rather, love people can drink a moderate amount of alcohol. Methods: 50 pepper, leaves 15 grams, 500 ml of liquor. Will pepper, Oriental Arborvitae mashed together, into the bottle, pour liquor (45 degrees), sealed immersion, often shake, can take half a month later. Pepper wine has a pungent sparse table, antipyretic analgesic effect, four for the prevention and treatment of plague, cold fever, headache. In the respiratory tract and digestive tract infectious disease epidemic season, daily morning fasting drink 10~20 ml. 3 toothache: pepper: take gargle liquor 10 grams of pepper poured into the cup, pour half a cup of boiling water, and then cover the bubble for 5 minutes, then pour one or two liquor, then cover its cooling and filter out the pepper, let the people drink a mouthful of toothache in the mouth. As usual as gargling, a bow, a head. The toothache is because pepper pepper itself has local anesthetic and analgesic effect, so can be used as analgesics, symptomatic treatment, in addition to liquor itself has antiseptic effect, containing ethanol can better put pepper in the composition of dissolved out to a greater extent play a role. But this method of toothache causes and cannot be removed, if not toothache remission or to timely medical treatment. 4 people think: hot pepper frequent Chinese medicine, Yang Qi deficiency, not solid element is one of the important reasons for the frequent urination induced by the elderly in winter. Methods: the elderly can prepare a large grain of salt and pepper, aniseed, put them into the microwave oven to heat it up, then removed with gauze wrapped with hot compress can withstand the temperature in your navel and Guanyuan (3 inches below the navel). As long as a long time, many urogenital diseases are likely to get better. 5 sleep: Pepper feet has motherland medicine master Lu Guangshen in talking about his health tips, said "every night, feet of water with pepper". Lu Lao believes that to promote better sleep than Lingling feet of water with pepper with hot water bubble相关的主题文章: