it’s MUCH more difficult to ignore a physical product that drops on your doorstep. Even if you put it on a corner of your desk in the to read’ pile 非洲客天安门中暑 中国北极迎首降雪

I’ve just finished reviewing a brand new how to make money from eBay’ ebook by a fairly well known eBay seller. Here’s the thing. The writer adamantly states that selling ebooks on eBay is the best way to profit from eBay, bar none. Hmmm, interesting… It’s revealing to note that the author also says that he doesn’t make a living from eBay any more, rather he’s solely involved in advising others how to profit from eBay. Well, I can honestly tell you I am convinced that the writer hasn’t pursued his recommended approach for very long because he would have eventually realized that ebooks are not the magic pill’ that many people consider them to be. Those of us who have tested selling both physical products (items that are shipped) AND digital downloads (ebooks etc) over a period of time are completely convinced that physical products are the most profitable, and no one can ever convince us otherwise. Before you run off in a panic and cancel all your ebook listings I should also tell you that there are a LOT more details you need to know about this subject to be fully informed and make your own decision. Regular subscribers will know that above all else I encourage you to create and sell information products using my H3 system. It’s the best way I’ve found to profit from eBay, hands down, absolutely, no question, undisputed…you get the idea. I also realize that everyone is different, and what I enjoy doing and profit from may not appeal to you. Some people would rather make less money and do something they really want to do. That’s fine. That’s why I cover plenty of other unconventional, renegade ways of making money from eBay in each issue of this newsletter. I recommend a balanced view of this topic once you’re aware of ALL the pros and cons. Ebooks have their place, especially as a hook’ in the H3 lead generation system. Looking at the positives, they have some attractive benefits: Quick to produce Inexpensive to create Instantly downloadable Avoid shipping costs and hassles Unlimited inventory No storage issues You own the product Can be updated easily Yes, these are all compelling reasons not to avoid using ebooks. BUT, there are two HUGE negative factors about ebooks that cannot and should not be overlooked. These downsides are rarely mentioned by others, in fact they are usually not even discovered until after they’ve tried selling solely ebooks instead of physical products for a reasonable amount of time. So I’m about to save you a LOT of money doing the experiment yourself. The first negative about ebooks is that there is a psychologically imposed price limit attached to them. Most ebooks are priced in the region of $17-$47. It’s extremely rare to see any ebook being offered for more than $97. Yes, a few are, but they are definitely the exception, and they are usually bundled with some other benefit or bonus. What’s the reason for this built-in price limit? Most people know that an ebook costs nothing to fulfill so there’s a reluctance to pay too much’ for it. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be limited on the price I can charge for valuable information. By comparison, I’ve charged thousands of dollars for information sold as a physical course that’s shipped. Is it worth shipping an item in order to make 20 to 60 times more profit compared to an ebook? You bet it is! And let me tell you, it’s a lot easier to sell one item at $1995 than 42 of them at $47. The second negative factor about ebooks is that they disappear’ onto the recipien’ts hard drive as soon as they are downloaded. My personal experience with ebooks is that for every one I’ve downloaded and read, there are at least three more that I downloaded, intending to read but never in fact getting around to it. They might as well have disappeared, because as the weeks pass by, I forget that I even downloaded them, and my life has moved on. I’m sure you’ve had a similar experience with at least one ebook you purchased. By contrast, it’s MUCH more difficult to ignore a physical product that drops on your doorstep. Even if you put it on a corner of your desk in the to read’ pile, it’s gonna stare you in the face every day until you read it And in the future, it will still be on your bookshelf, ready to be rediscovered by you or someone else. Remember, you should WANT your product to be read, because you want to develop a relationship with each customer so they want to buy from you again. If the ebook becomes invisible on their hard drive you may never get that opportunity. Hopefully I’ve helped you to see that ebooks are not the magic pill that many people believe them to be. They are a tool, but they are not THE ultimate tool. Physical information-based products are still the most profitable item to sell online. By all means use ebooks as a way for people to find you, but don’t get sucked into believing that physical products are dead. They are alive and kicking. 相关的主题文章: