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UnCategorized It’s still the middle of winter, but the weather we’ve been having here is more like spring. We’ve still been getting a lot of moisture, so I think we’ll be alright, and the mountains have been getting a fair amount of snow. The valleys have been experiencing more rain than usual, which makes for safer driving and lower heating bills. If this is a byproduct of global warming, I can’t say that I am necessarily against it. Right now, all of our mountain passes are clear, and a Harley ride today would be fantastic. With this nice weather, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about bike rides. Only the most die-hard Harley fanatics stick it out in the snow storms, with everything from electrically heated long johns to battery operated gloves and socks, but with things being the way they are now, a jacket alone should suffice to keep us safe and warm. There are a lot of options that way, especially with lightweight women’s Harley leather jackets. I saw one online that both my wife and I really like, the Harley Ladies Cream City Jacket. This jacket is white with a shadow image of the famous Harley logo on the back. The logo is surrounded by silver studs, accentuating it and really making it stand out. It’s a zippered jacket with a Mandarin collar, making it comfortable to wear with or without a helmet. Equally appealing is the Harley Women’s Reflective Skull 3 in 1 jacket. It comes with poly-mesh lining, shoulder and horizontal back vents, a removable poly/spandex hoodie, and body armor pockets at both the elbows and shoulders. Like the Cream City jacket, it comes with a Mandarin collar and zippers up the front. I especially like the stitched skull style Harley logo on the back. These two women’s Harley leather jackets are both exquisitely beautiful and offer the protection from the elements and from the road in case of accidents. We’ll see how things look in the weather forecast, and then maybe call one of my friends in BACA to see if he and some others are up for a ride. There are some nice local restaurants at the end of the trail, and it might be something fun to do for an afternoon this coming weekend. It would be nice to have everyone in matching Harley Davidson leather jackets to show our solidarity as a club and as friends. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: