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Real-Estate Preston, also known as the Gateway to Lancashire is an up and coming city located in the North of England. It only achieved its city status in 2002 but has a rich history. Preston (PR1) is a city with a fascinating history and from its earliest roots it’s recognised as one of England’s oldest boroughs. Preston started life as a tiny village that, due to its ideal location as the first inland location where a river could be bridged and by a main through road from the North to the South quickly grew. The 17th century saw Preston as Lancashire’s wealthiest market town. A status that can be seen in some of the elegant and imposing architecture around the city. The city continued to grow and rapidly expanded in the 19th century when it became a world leading cotton and textile finishing centre. This, combined with its rich agricultural land led to Preston becoming a wealthy and fast growing economic centre. Preston has retained this status and is now one of the more pricy destinations to buy property in the North. Properties in the PR1 area are in keeping with the national average and a 2-3 bed property in the city itself is likely to set you back around 60,000-70,000 pounds. Preston is now a well recognised University town so the rental market in the PR1 area is always likely to be in demand as students come and go. This makes Preston, or anywhere in the PR1 area close to the university a viable place to buy. If you were considering Preston as a destination to relocate to, the city’s many Victorian Parks and its grand Grade I & II listed buildings (over 750 of them) which date from the industrial boom period, make it a popular and attractive choice. The city centre is home to Winckley Square which contains some of Preston’s most historic houses. The city’s outstanding selection of museums and galleries are where to head to find out more about the cities rich history and art. Preston is also houses the acclaimed Grade I Listed Harris Museum & Art Gallery fronted by Market Square which is often a centre for events. Preston has all the ingredients of an exciting and attraction packed city break or as a place to buy property. By road Preston sits just off the M6 main motorway and at the end of the M65 so is easily accessible and its large university makes it an ideal place to look for a buy to let property. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: