another boutique hotel which is set in another rustic tropical seclusion. The area is quite remote and rooms dont have televisions or telephones 19人身亡案宣判

Travel-and-Leisure Accommodations near Yelapa, Puerto Vallartas Famed Beaches Yelapa, Mexico is the stuff of dreams for those looking to relax. This remote, slow paced village is dependent on its beach for things such as tourism and fishing. Yelapa is popular to tourists because of its well maintained beaches and because the 7th largest bay in the world is found here. Here, one can do all sorts of water activities such as snorkeling in its clean waters. Hotels found in the area are mostly boutique hotels and offer some of the most personalized service for guests. One is Verana which is famous for its delectable food specials. Its restaurant has access to the freshest catch of the day and its margaritas are an excellent finish too. Theres also Hotel Lagunita, another boutique hotel which is set in another rustic tropical seclusion. The area is quite remote and rooms dont have televisions or telephones, so its more ideal for the adventurous, quiet types. Other hotels in the area include Yelapa Oasis, Casa Rosa and Casa Sol. A Great View of Marina Vallarta through a nearby Hotel Those who want a temporary escape from the overcrowded streets of el Malecon will enjoy its counterpart, the Marina Vallarta. The Marina Vallarta is a more contemporary and high class port, still catering to tourists with access to different golf courses, boats, yachts, shopping areas, art galleries, coffee places and the lighthouse. If the places active nature seems tempting, then staying close to the area will provide the right ambiance to inculcate its vibe. The Flamingo Vallarta is a hotel which has a view of the marina from its balconies with 96 rooms to choose from. Club Embarcadero Pacifico is another hotel which specializes in family getaways and honeymoon suites as an all inclusive package. It has a childrens area for hours of fun on end and a honeymoon package that can easily be upgraded if needed. These hotels are worthwhile accommodations when you dont want to miss out on any big events at the Marina. Supreme Serenity at the Casa Velas Boutique Hotel The colonial town of Puerto Vallarta is living proof that indeed old and new can coexist to make a beautiful environment. The city has seamlessly combined its old and new ways into one location that has attracted many to its doorsteps over the years. One of its hotels, The Casa Velas Hotel formerly the Regent, is another charming proof of oneness. Its location is ideal, being only a few minutes away from the airport and the marina, and is only about 20 minutes away from Downtown Vallarta attractions like the cafes, art galleries, restaurants and the famous boardwalk. Casa Velas is a good find for people looking for zero distraction as they are very strict with keeping the tranquility of the place for its guests. Families looking for a little more vibrancy in their accommodation may find this place a little too formal for their accompanying young ones. As icing to its cake, the hotel has a full-service spa and golf course for a truly relaxing escape. Lodgings near the Old Town of Puerto Vallarta There are some seasoned tourists who are used to exploring only the hotel zones of Puerto Vallarta. Although there are some good hotel spots in the area, exploring Puerto Vallarta is a must for those who want to see a more authentic picture of the place. Theres old town Vallarta, which is a dominantly Spanish town with charming cobblestone stops and small-windowed shops for tourists to get lost in. There are numerous hotels in the area that provide great location and convenience, being walking distance away to corner cafes, galleries and shops. One such place is Hotel El Pescador. Although it is more rustic than what tourists are used to, the hotel has its own classy ambiance especially since its recent renovation. The hotel is also an ideal place for beach lovers as it has its own access to the beach front. Plaza Principal is another great hotel which is close to the el Malecon, a boardwalk which has lots of cafes, bars, galleries and restaurants to choose room. Hotel Rosita, Hotel Encino, Vallarta Shores and Hotel Mocali are great options as well. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: