The Golden Rule. You need several materials to use this pattern drafting system. We are going to state the main materials here. First of all 俄挫败恐袭图谋 鹿晗又和邮筒合影

Self-Improvement Do you want to make your own fashion sewing patterns? It is a great idea to flaunt your creativity and fashion sense but for that you need some tools. And along with those tools you need a proper pattern drafting system. To be precise, there are four main things you need to make your own pattern. These are two special types of rulers, a good pattern drafting system and a button spacer. In this article, we are going to tell you how to make the most of these four things. What can you do to make the best pattern design with the least of effort? Yes, it is possible. If you believe you can do it, you WILL do it. Take a look. Lutterloh Pattern System For those of you who are seasoned sewers, this name is not new. But those who are new to this sewing business might be surprised at first. Lutterloh is a drafting pattern system which was first discovered in the early 1930s in Germany. The company which discovered this system is still in business which just shows how popular it is even today. Lutterloh Pattern Making System is especially for home sewers. You refer to a book which has a series of diagrams on pattern pieces that would be suitable on different garments. This book is very famously called, The Golden Rule. You need several materials to use this pattern drafting system. We are going to state the main materials here. First of all, you need two-ring binder with instructions. Measuring tape with an enlarging scale is also needed as is needed a pen for drawing the pattern. 3 pins are needed to select the size of the scale and sellotape is required to set the pattern cards on the paper. Tru-fit Patterns Curve 1 However getting a pattern drafting system is not enough. You also need the proper scales to measure and adjust curves. The first one of these is the Designers Curve. It has got an international standard of design which makes it perfect for use in any culture, any country. Its unique features ensure that your curves are carefully calculated and measured. The back and front armhole makes it all the more endearing for first time users. Tru-fit Patterns Curve 2 The Tailors Curve is the second most important curve that is a must have in your sewing kit. It has seven rulers in one. You can do the coat and jacket curves, 2 piece suit sleeve curve, lapel, cut out slot, the crotch, hip curve and inseam curve through this ruler. Fashion sewing patterns have never been more fun with this curve whose designs are acclaimed internationally. Simflex Expanding Button Spacer The fourth most important tool is the simflex sewing gauge. You can get a perfect measure of your curves through this awesome button spacer. Working of curves is an intricate matter. Not only do you have to check all minute details; you also have to make sure that all buttons, hooks, snaps are eyes are evenly placed. The handy tool also acts as an expanding ruler, and the L shape of the expanding sewing gauge is something that you cannot do without. Fashion sewing patterns have never been more fun to make. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: