40 effective experiences of foreign family education 9c8921

Family education: 40 effective experiences of foreign family education: do you want your child to be happy in your study? So, please refer to the American scholar David, the following suggestions may be able to make you achieve success of the. 1. The most patient and honest answer to all the questions raised by the child. 2. Take seriously the child’s serious problems and opinions. 3. Set up a display rack, the child can be displayed on their own production. 4. Not because of the children in the room or on the desktop is very chaotic and blame, as long as this and her creative activities. 5. A part of a room or room for children to play. 6. To the child, he has been very cute, no need to express themselves. 7. Let the children do what he can. 8. Methods to help children develop their own plans and plan. 9. Take the children to the place he is interested in. 10. Help the child improve his homework. 11. Help children to interact with children from different social and cultural backgrounds. 12. Follow your own standards of conduct and pay attention to your child. 13. The child never said he was worse than the other children. 14. Never abuse a child. 15. Provide books and materials to children so that they can do what they like. 16. Let the children think independently. 17. Read something for children regularly. 18. Let the child develop the habit of reading. 19. Inspire children to make up stories, to fantasy. 20. Take care of your child’s personal needs. 21. Take time every day to be alone with the children. 22. Allow children to participate in the planning of housework and travel. 23. Never tease a child because he makes a mistake. 24. Praise children recite poems, stories and songs. 25. Teach children to interact with adults of all ages. 26. Make detailed plans to help children learn more. 27. Allow children to play all kinds of waste. 28. Encourage children to identify problems and then solve them. 28. In the child’s work, constantly looking for something worthy of praise. 30. Never praise children in empty and insincere ways. 31. Evaluate your child’s feelings honestly. 32. There is no topic that cannot be discussed with the child at all. 33. Let the children have the opportunity to make their own decisions. 34. To help children become a person with personality. 35. Help children find noteworthy TV programs. 36. The ability to play a positive understanding of their children. 37. Never look down on the child’s failure. 38. Encourage children to try not to rely on adults. 39. Trust your child’s reason and trust him. 40. Let the children do the basic work of the work independently, even if they do not believe that there will be positive results;相关的主题文章: