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4 year old child suddenly stroke, actually because play… Sohu – maternal public number: picture book selection (ID:huibenjingxuan) British media free resources | picture | family education | tasting parent-child manual reports, a four year old boy after after sitting on the roller coaster, arterial tear near the brain, causing a stroke! After the boy returned home, can not walk, the body of the left side of the paralysis of the trend, but also the symptoms of vomiting left cheek ptosis. Soon he was sent to the hospital, the scans showed near his brain artery was torn, blood clots blocking brain stroke. The doctor treated it immediately, and after 6 months the gait had improved, but the left side of the body was stiff. Doctors say a similar situation has occurred in the elderly, in such a small child really rare. Such a thing, there are also 10 year old Xiao Ming is Jiangxi, Pingxiang, followed by his sister to the local park to play. After the roller coaster down, he felt headache, then began to vomit, even half paralyzed, until become unconscious. Hospital CT examination showed that the amount of blood loss of 30 ml. The doctor said that Xiao Ming is a cerebral vascular malformation resulting in hemorrhagic stroke. After 4 hours of surgery, he was out of danger. Such a small child would dare ride a roller coaster…… If these children admire the courage and daring of parents. However, this common sense, parents must know: children under the age of 14 should be careful to play roller coaster!!! Many of the big equipment at the amusement park is now characterized by a high rate of weightlessness, which in theory can lead to a sudden, sudden, abnormal brain. According to the American Association for the study of brain trauma, a high speed, like a roller coaster, could cause the brain to shift and deadly in the skull. The child’s neck muscles are not fully developed, so the head and neck are prone to convulsions. Their heads and necks are very fragile, and when they ride on a roller coaster, the head is left to shake, and the neck and neck muscles are very easy to tear. Other studies have shown that even if there is no obvious symptoms, but similar to the roller coaster entertainment does accelerate heartbeat, blood pressure, and to some extent increase the risk of heart attack. In recent years, a study has found that high speed and sudden turn may cause damage to the ear. The United States industrial subcommittee consumer advocates recommend that all children under the age of 14, we must carefully select the roller coaster and other features of high speed large recreational facilities. In addition, parents bring their children to the playground, should also pay attention to these: half an hour after a meal to play recreational facilities, recreational facilities are divided into turn horse, glide, gyro, racing, bumper cars, water rides, bungee jumping, strop, unpowered amusement facilities and so on more than a dozen, mostly rotation, shaking, collision, then if the child just eat rice, it is prone to vomiting, so after half an hour and then let the children play recreational facilities. painting相关的主题文章: