2016 Guangzhou auto show, the first 46 heavy new car summary (video) zhuxianduowan

2016 Guangzhou auto show, the first of the 46 heavy new car summary of the Guangzhou Auto Show (micro-blog) on the first day of the end, we summed up the top 46 popular new car. After the listing and mass production, there must be something you like! The Po Chun 510 Po Chun 510 front face with a hexagonal shape, is arranged in the middle of two chrome banners. The headlight style is very special, the split type layout, the upper part of daytime running lights, headlights. The side of the body, Po Chun 510 waist is tough, and the design of floating roof. In addition, the other five spoke wheels double color looks more dynamic. Body size, the new car length and width were 4220x1740x1605 1625mm, wheelbase 2550mm. Bao Chun 510 tail shape is more full, the tail lights using a polygon style, which part of the light source is LED. In addition, the new car is also equipped with a rear spoiler and rear bumper silver coating, the overall effect is moving. The new console using shades of color collocation, collocation and imitation suture technique at the edge of the face plate, with a matte trim, make the car look more concise and neat effect. The most eye-catching in the console is the independent LCD screen, this style is very popular design. In addition, the car’s dashboard style novel, showing the effect of atmospheric eye-catching. Power, the car is equipped with a 730 and Po Chun (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) L2B 1.5L naturally aspirated engine of the same, the maximum output power of 112 HP (82kW), peak torque of 147 cattle · m, matching 6 speed manual gearbox transmission system. It is reported that the Baojun 510 top speed of 170km H. The Guangzhou auto show in 2016 & #8212; & #8212; Shanghai Baojun 510 small SUV Conference – New Harvard H6 new hover H6 front grille with black mesh design, hexagonal mouth shape is a sense of movement. The headlights and fog lamps also adopted a new style LED daytime driving lights still set in the fog, but it occupies a large position, make the face look very eye-catching. From the side view, the new Harvard H6 B, C, D with a black column design, D column position and rear windshield glass phase through the blackened design to create the suspension design style, this kind of design is also the current popular domestic car prices. The new Harvard H6 body size length 4649mm, width 1830mm, high 1705mm, wheelbase and cash for 2680mm. It is understood that the new Harvard H6 models can also adjust the height of suspension. Tire matching specification is 22565 R17. Interior changes are not large changes in appearance. The three movement type steering wheel is made of genuine leather, and the central control device is designed to the driver’s side. The new Harvard H6 is equipped with a model for the GW4G15B 1.5T engine, and the match was still 6 speed tiptronic transmission. 110kW engine maximum power 5600rpm, the engine fuel consumption per hundred kilometers of 7.4L, compared to the current blue.相关的主题文章: